brooklyn housing
For those going to New York for clinical rotations I have an apartment that I used for my short time here and I loved the apartment and the landlord so I wanted to share it with fellow students. I'm a 4th year UAG student and the apartment is near Maimonides hospital.


2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment, living room, kitchen, tons of closet space FULLY FURNISHED + Internet for a grand total of $1500 USD each month. That comes to $750 USD a person!!

He wants one month's rent for the security, and then you just pay at the beginning of each month.

Other costs: You pay for the following: electricity and gas.

*Each bedroom has a queen size bed and new mattress. One bedroom has a closet inside the room, the other one has a large walk in closet outside(yes sounds weird but trust me its not bad at all) and each person gets a desk and chair. The living room has a dresser and futon. The Kitchen has a fridge, dishes, and a few pots.

Link for photos of the apt:

Contact: ****** Cordasco: 9179913225 My name is Puja and email: [email protected] if you'd want to ask me questions ^_^

We will be out by May and the apartment will be open! Honestly he's a great person and very honest, and in NY its hard to find that so take advantage. To get to the city we have the D train which is an express train and it takes 30 min on average to get to Times Square so its a super great location. The area is very safe and lots of asian and hispanic stores for shopping with tons of fresh produce and meats.