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    SELLING..leaving the Rock


    Hey guys, since i didn't have time to go to the 4th sem sale,

    I'm selling my stuff on here:

    --I have a desk lamp that i am selling for $5 EC

    --Laptop holder, metal, i'm selling for $15 EC

    --Large 1/3 used Mulberry scented candle in glass holder from Bath and body for $5 EC

    --Small Traveler's iron by black and decker for $25 EC

    --Contact lens solution (by Complete (re-formulated) with free case - $15 EC
    Expires Nov 2010.

    --Clip on Portable fan (small ones ppl use in the fishbowl) - dented when i placed it in my luggage but it is otherwise brand new. $25 EC

    --Prices Negotiable. Call me at 767-295-2651 or just message me back.

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