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    Looking to sell first/second semester books as a set!


    Hi everyone - I can't believe it is here but I am nearly going on to my 3rd semester here at Ross - time flies! I was hoping to sell my books to an incoming first semester. I have all the required and recommended books. There are one or two books I might keep because I put alot of notes in them from lecture, e.g. my biochemistry book. These books are all in tip-top shape but my ma really wanted me to get the books but I am not much of a book person I guess after all - but if you are this is a great chance for you to get new books for way less than BIG - but I only have one set so hurry!

    Otherwise, if anyone is interested in buying these books from me, which I am hoping as a set let me know - I will try to calculate out from BIG how much they all cost and try to chip it down some but message me if interested.

    If we make an agreement I'd hope you would stand by it to when you come here as I will be turning down other offers. I'm thinking for everything I have maybe around $1000 which includes pretty much all books on the BIG list - and that was expensive lol.

    But message me with any bid - Thanks alot!

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    1st/2nd semester books

    I'm interested...how much?! Also, are all the books that you have the latest edition? You can contact me at divya325@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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