125 places are available this year for first year medical students. Dont leave it for the last minute and start applying as soon as!

Furthermore transfers are going to be difficult this year, but not impossible.

I dont visit this forum regularly so leave me a message in my inbox if you have further queries. Or you can write me a mail, but please ask me questions which are not already answered already on this forum. Furthermore please dont ask me about agents, as i dont know any, and if you are not in the position to get youre admission done alone due to the stress and hardwork, be prepared to pay me, as i won do anyones admission for free...as ive heard alot of students ask me to do so....and some ignorant students 'so called future doctors' dont even have the curtiosy to say thank you after getting tons of advice from me.

I will try my best to guide everyone on the right path, and respect each other. I wish everone the best of luck.

My e-mail is amrdns1 at yhoo . Com