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    Studying at Oredea (South African)


    I've done all the research and have decided to apply to Oredea Unversity. Due to the fact that South African Universities require insanely high scores due to race quotas. Forcing the minority to score up to 9 A's in high school. For this reason I moved over to the Cambridge system last year to do AS-levels which I hoped would improve my chances of being accepted. This year it was announced that the AS-Levels are rated at the same level as our High school level. So this left me no choice but to try a foriegn country. Thus settling on Oredea as the best option.

    These are my current Subjects and Symbols:
    AS-Level Biology - B
    AS-Level English - C
    AS-Level Maths - D
    AS-Level Physical Science A (Combination of Chemistry 1 and Physics 1, South African requirement to combine them)
    AS-Level Afrikaans - C (1 of the Official Languages)
    IGCSE Information Computer Technology- A
    Life Orientation - A (Compulsory)

    I do meet the required APS scores to study medicine in my country, but like I said due to the limited amout of seats availible I doubt I will get in. Even so would still prefer to study here.

    I'm writing Mid-Year exams aswell as End-Year exams this year so I cant say if it is a reflection of my scores.

    I'm planning on applying for the October 2013 intake in January of 2013 as this when I will have all my scores.

    As our universities start in January I plan on doing a BSc degree with Maths, Science, Biology as my major subjects next year, until I get confirmation on of acceptance at Oradea. If I get accepted I plan on writing them off in June/July and then move to Oradea in September.

    I want to know what are the chances of me being accepted aswell as how to ensure my place?
    Aswell as will they accept those subject credits from The Univesity of Potchefstroom (PUKKE)?

    I Have other awards in the line of Science. Was a Participant at the MILSET International Science Expo 2007 at the age of 13 (Youngest participant at the Expo, Recieved a Gold Certificate at the National Expo).

    Other Medical Related:
    -Have a First Aid Level 3 (Have reffrences for work done)
    -Snake Bite First Aid Specialist

    Is there any others thing I need to ensure that I will get accepted?

    Thank you
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