Who's with me? Don't worry I'm not an agent. I'm just a student, helping other students out. When I applied I got into the hands of agents who took over a 1000 euros for nothing. They didn't even help me with accomodation. I was totally left on my own.
This made me angery and I made a pledge to cut these 'middle men' out. I'm sure a lot of students can relate to this. There was absouloutely no CLEAR information on the website from the university. No one to answer my questions. I had no idea where I was going to end up. As an international student, there was no support whatsoever.

This is a very good forum but again it is occationally invaded by agents or students looking to make extra cash from international students. Also it does not have information in a systematic order.

The guide will contain the following for prospective students:

- Map of the city, Markets, Uni
- How to get accomodation, all the numbers explained. etc we can expand. How to pay your bills.
- Where to purchase books?
- Study tips
- EU students: How to apply. What doc you need, etc etc.

If you're willing to donate a bit of your time to this cause, let me know.