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    USMLE transcript


    Hi all,

    I've applied for the 2004 match and submitted applications. I have yet to release my USMLE transcript because although i passed step 1, it took me 2 tries, and am currently preparing for step 2. I feel that if i release my transcript, programs will pay less attention to the rest of my application and so I want to release the transcript after I receive my step 2 scores. So my question is, should i release my transript or not release it for now, and hedge my chances on programs who dont care about the actual score but just care that i passed. I am a USIMG. Any help is appreciated.

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    Things for an IMG !

    If u r an IMG's , the three most important things in securing an interview call and on the basis of which Program Directors mainly select IMG's are :

    1. US Experience
    2. Your Board Scores
    3. Your Visa Status.

    So if u have got enough US experience, u can have this approach of applying without board scores. If not, then it will be really difficult for program directors to give u a call.

    So get thru step 2 as soon as possible. There is still a lot of time left till match. Hopefully u'll get a prematch.

    Best of Luck ! 8)

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