I am a doctor that successfully matched into two separate specialties. While applying, I secured over 40 residency interviews- from all types of places from small community programs to Cornell and Columbia.

What I know is that applying is just as much about strategy as it is about grit and intellect.

I have experience tutoring and mentoring students into programs successfully and am offering my services to the IMG community.

If you work with me what will I help you with?
-Help and advice on how to get high scores on the Boards- I will come up with a customized study plan with you as you go along
-Help on the application- the essay- the resume- What do you say if there is something in your application that is not stellar?
-Help on the Step 2CS
-Help finding a job/activity that will help you get into residency
-Help selecting residency programs that are appropriate for you- I want you to dream, but also make sure that you are safe
-Help with the interview- Mock interviews
-HELP with the overall strategy

my method has proven to be successful not once but twice- and it is MUCH harder to get into residency a second time

I offer a free consultation

If you are interested please contact me at my gmail account which is upennmedgrad @ gmail.com

I can also work over skype if we are not within commuting distance from each other.