greetings Doctors,

I have a very particular question:

i took step 1 (214) in 2009, step 2 ck/cs (244) in 2012 and graduated in 2013. i applied in 2015 for med/pscyh, so that year was a waste.

applied the year after, had a few psych/internal/family interviews, but i dont think i ranked appropriately.

i now would like to apply again for 2019 and plan on taking the step 3 before that. my question is, it's been so long between my step 1 so i know that according to FSMB that many states may not allow my step 1 score (its been over 7 years).

Is it even worth it for me at this point to take step 3 and apply? there's only a handful of states that don't have the 7 year requirement.
the only thing that keeps me going and motivates me is my step scores are decent, im an american citizen, and i interview well/have good references.

but i dont want to waste all the time and effort studying for step 3 and applying, only to be let down.

So i ask, is it worth the gamble applying for residency next year??

thank you all kindly,