Share how your school performed in the 2017 Match for prospective Caribbean students assuming that data is available from your school.
When I was researching my options, I wish there was a place where I could just get a summary of this data for all prospective schools so keeping that in mind, I created this thread.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a thread about whether Caribbean is a viable option or not! For some, it is the only option. AND this is also not for the discussion of which Caribbean school is the best. In fact the whole point is to let people decide for themselves.

With that said let's keep the thread on topic and discuss the trends and accomplishments of each school's match list. This is commonly done with US med schools so why not have our own little Caribbean version as well?

I'll start with my school: UMHS

Total Matched: 90
Primary Care: 71
Non-Primary Care: 19
Specialty Matches: 5 Anesthesiology, 2 EM (First EM matches for UMHS), 4 General Surgeries, 1 Pathology, 1 Radiology, and 1 Prelim Surgery, 3 Psychiatry, and 2 Transitional Surgery.
Primary Care Matches: 26 Family, 36 Internal, 3 Med/Peds, 4 Pediatrics, 2 OBGYNs

Complete List: Match Results

If everyone could all follow the same format for their school's data, that would be great. DO NOT POST THE ENTIRE MATCH LIST (especially you Ross, SGU, and AUC) Lol