So i've been frustrated for years about the lack of available residency spots as its all based on Medicare funding which has been stagnant for nearly a decade.
This has left the number of physicians per capita declining on an annual basis and leading to a shortage of doctors while thousands of doctors that graduated
can't get a residency because ACGME won't allow outside, private or even charitable funding of residency positions.

This company has a petition to allow other sources to fund residency spots so we're not stuck with the same flat number of spots.
Let people have the freedom to pay, or sign deals with companies or even charities to help fund these positions.

ACGME Petition

They have 20,000+ signatures but guy I talked to said they need 50,000+ to be able to go to Congress!
Please sign and share with all the thousands of Graduated Doctors in the US that can't get residency programs.

You can also sign up for their service which is free unless they find you a residency spot.

Good luck!