Hey All,

I'm a current orthopaedic surgery resident in the US. A couple of other residents and I got together to try to help residency applicants edit their personal statements and CVs. We know how competitive the Match has become, and we're committed to helping you put your best foot forward.

Our website is www . medapprx . com

We offer pricing way below average, and all of our services are provided by people with MD degrees, experience interviewing residency applicants, and with a proven track record of success. We also offer 24 hour rush service, knowing how important time is during a busy pre-application season.

Please don't hesitate to take a look at what we offer, and use our quote tool to send us a draft of your personal statement or CV for a free evaluation!

Good luck this year. The Match is terrifying, even to the best applicants. But medicine is worth the fight and perspiration, every second of it.