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    Advice appreciated


    So I go to a Caribbean med school (obviously, since I am in this forum) and all I hear is bad things on the internet bashing Carib schools and saying its almost impossible to get a residency.

    I don't go to one of the "big 4" schools so was wondering if someone with first hand experience can help me with advice on how to attain a residency. I'm tired of hearing rumors not knowing what to believe. Do basic science grades matter much at all? Or as long as you pass that's fine and just do well in rotations and Step 1?

    It sort of in a way discourages me because I made so many sacrifices and risks and paid good money to attend here and with the thought that none of it will matter kind of freaks me out.

    Any advice from a knowledgeable person would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Feel free to message me too
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    There are doctors matched from all sorts of medical schools around the world. Even the "shadiest" of schools (we won't go naming names). So you've gained admission. Find some other motivated students who are trying their best to match. Find a Step 1 prep strategy that fits your learning and test-prep profile and don't look back. If you can keep your head down and focus on your goal, you have the best opportunity to succeed.

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