I just got the result of my step 1 and it is not very impressive. it is 207 on first try. just to give a little background this exam meant the world to me and considering going to a very low rank Caribbean school where you basically learn everything on your own, I feel devastated.

I don't want to make any excuses for my exam, but I did have a panic attack the night before exam and only managed a 1 hour nap in the afternoon, and even was thinking of not taking the exam because I thought i would have a bigger panic attack on the exam with no sleep. but regardless I pulled myself together and decided to take it because I thought I had came too far not to take it. I feel devastated with a low score, same time a tiny bit proud for managing to pass such a tough exam with literally no sleep for 20 hours prior to exam. regardless none of it will matter, or anyone will take seriously during interview anyways. now my questions please

I am on my first rotation right now, and I need serious advice please on 1) what are my chances for matching residency at all, 2) what are my chances for matching residency the same year or most likely i have to wait and do research, etc, 3) what do I need to do to improve my chances ? 4) does it make any difference if I score really high on step 2, and how relevant are recommendation letters, etc? 5) is passing in low 200's better than failing and a retake, this one just out of curiosity, and just wondering what were people's chances with residency when they failed and passed on second try.

I would really appreciate some serious answers, and realistic motivations ahead of time.

Thank you very much everyone