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    Applying to more than one specialty


    How disadvantageous is it applying to more than one residency programs. For instance, in order to my options open I like FM, Peds and IM. How does this impact your ranking if you get interviews in each specialty?

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    On the good side, it opens up a WHOLE lot more programs to which you can apply... on the less-good side, you will need separate letters and separate personal statements for each specialty, and you will need to keep them all straight when applying. You may also want to choose one of the three specialties at the same facility, to avoid running into the same people on two different interviews, which would be awkward. You only get one ROL to cover all three of the specialties, so you would put the individual programs you interviewed at in the order you want them. Whether you ROL them by specialty (FM then Peds then IM) or by program (FM1, Peds1, IM1, FM2, Peds2, IM2) or in some other random order is entirely up to you.

    (The paperwork management aspect is not to be overlooked. I have talked with residents who told me that their program received PS's in which applicants stated their undying love and devotion to another specialty entirely... which gets them placed straight in the "reject" pile, for obvious reasons. What a crappy and completely preventable reason to get rejected!)
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