Good day to all.... So for those of you that have followed me asking questions for the past 3 years, well this year has come and is looking GOOD! My wife has received numerous of interview requests (6 total), one program she interviewed with last year, said they were surprised she didn't match, they will rank her this year, no need to come to an interview (that makes 7) and another program said they expect cancellations, and will invite her for an interview when they receive so that makes (8).
Anyway, I didn't come here to gloat or brag, and we have not counted our chickens before they hatch, as an interview means nothing without a Match. So, with that being said, a question I do have....
Does anyone know anything about Rochester General Hospital Internal Med program, in Rochester NY? When we I looked at their current residence, NOT one single American educated resident. So, I am curious why that might be. Also, when we review their site they donít give numbers on their percentage of residence getting into fellowship programs or being board certified AMIB I think is what it is called.

So, if anyone knows anything about this program, please feel free to hit me up.