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    CLINICAL ROTATIONS in University Of Miami Program - U M P I R E


    The University of Miami Program for International Research and Education (UMPIRE) has launched a program that enhances the research and clinical experience of highly qualified Indian Medical Graduates in the US healthcare setting.

    The aims of UMPIRE are:

    1. To identify research oriented international candidates with superior clinical skills for training in the
    United States

    2. To prepare the candidates for the competitive residency application process along the expectations
    of the matching program and to improve their visibility to US residency programs.

    Candidates planning to pursue a residency in United States in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Anesthesia, Neurology, and Pediatrics, can choose the six-month or the one-year program.
    Specific Learning Experiences

    1. Resident Scholarly Activity Program (RSAP)
    The trainees will complete an individual research project in their area of interest. This will be a metaanalysis (6-month program) or primary data collection/ secondary data analysis (12-month program) under the guidance of clinical and research mentors. The goal is that the trainees are able to present their work at national meetings and/or publish it in a peer-reviewed journal. The trainees will meet with the Research Team in the first month to determine the hypothesis and to prepare an IRB proposal (if necessary). The trainees are expected to attend all meetings with the RSAP directors and complete all epidemiological and biostatistical online modules.

    2. Patient safety course
    A number of safety competencies such as calling for help, teamwork and communication, hand hygiene compliance; and preventing medication and other system errors will be practice by the trainees. This
    course (Center for Patient Safety) will be tied to the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) at the end of the course. This will allow the trainees to demonstrate their skills in recognizing patient safety hazards and communicating them to the patient and other physicians.

    3. Problem based learning (PBL)
    Trainees will work in small PBL groups to integrate basic sciences concepts and clinical applications to solve real-world patient problems such as how to work up a patient with a particular presentation or how
    to manage a patient with multiple comorbidities.

    4. Clinical rotations
    The Global Observership Program of the International Medicine Institute will assign trainees to clinical teams in the departments of
    • Internal Medicine
    • Surgery
    • Anesthesia
    • Neurology
    • Pediatrics
    • Obstetrics & Gynecology

    This will enable trainees to understand work processes and dynamics within a clinical team and develop skills in generation of evidence-based assessment and plans for the patient team.

    5. Electives
    These will include 4-week cardiology rotation, 2-week neurology rotation, emergency training and/or Harvey: the cardiopulmonary patient simulator. Trainees may also practice abdominal paracentesis, central venous line cannulation, knee arthrocentesis, thoracocentesis and medical critical event
    management through the well-structured simulation-based curriculum.
    Any 3 of these electives can be selected by the candidates in the 12-month program.

    6. Simulation based learning
    Trainees will receive feedback from faculty on videotaped patient interviews and interactions.

    7. Patient interviewing sessions
    The trainees will conduct patient interviews according to the visiting medical student’s policies, under
    the supervision of a faculty member followed by a discussion of the disease.

    8. Practice residency interview sessions
    This unique feature trains candidates for different scenarios during a residency interview through
    practice interview sessions with program directors.

    6-month and 1 year programs are available
    (Batches begin in September and March every year)

    More Details of the Program on drnswami.org and you can click "ContactUS" and submit for more details.
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