hello every body, im 6th year medical student from Jordan ( i speak English and Arabic a little turkish) i will graduate next June 2012 and im planning to do my post graduate residency training in TURKEY. actually i have done 4 weeks Training in general surgery at Ibn-i Sina hospital , ANKARA , TURKEY July 2011 it was so great and amazing course. i started learning Turkish language alone from books and internet lessons also i will join Turkish language center in my internship year in Jordan for official Turkish language certificate. i read about an exam called TUS that all doctors ( Turkish or non Turkish) must take it before enrolling in any residency program because the results of the exam will determine the specialty that a student doctor can take. first i want to ask about the requirement to pass this exam? about its fees ( if any)? and what about the salary for non Turkish doctors? actually im planning to marry from Turkish girl after 1 year from now will that affect any thing in this process? i have read that any non Turkish doctor is not paid in turkey but also i will be married from Turkish​ girl so will i start taking salary even while i still dont have the citizenship?( i can get Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage) Thank you in advance