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    timetable for match/residency process?


    I am confused.

    I know i have to have step 1/2's done before going into the match.

    But how long do i have to finish 4th year clinicals? By July after the Match?

    If i start my rotations in January 2007, I will be done with all rotations some time around July or August 2008, i presume.
    That would mean that I have tons of downtime from August 2008-March 2009. How would I spend this downtime, besides traveling the world?
    Are interviews usually offered during this period for 2009 residencies?
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    Consider taking some breaks or time in between off to study or do research. It's better to get all good rotations organized with some breaks in between rather than rush through it. Consider trying to rotate at places you want to match. Also, of course some places offer prematches - but if you accept a residency there then you wouldn't have to go through match at all...

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