Wheelchairs are regularly made with different blends of the fundamental sort, right now, there are numerous kinds of lightweight wheelchairs, and they accompany profoundly altered wheelchairs for the individual client's requirements. The footstools/leg rests, the seat size (width and profundity), seat-to-floor tallness, front caster outriggers, movable backrests, controls, and numerous different highlights can be modified on, or added to, numerous fundamental models, while a few clients, regularly those with particular requirements, may have wheelchairs exclusively assembled. There are unlimited developments and combos for a wheelchair.

Different discretionary adornments are accessible on the lookout, movable backrests, for example, hostile to tip bars or wheels, seat straps, slant as well as lean back highlights, uphold for appendages, mounts, or conveying gadgets for supports, walkers or oxygen tanks, drink holders, and apparel defenders.