NECs new portable system, on the other hand, can perform all the processes within the same unit and it can do it all more quickly. In particular, the compact unit can be used to: (1) take cell samples, (2) extract the DNA, (3) perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification to generate copies of the DNA, (4) perform electrophoresis to measure the spacing between DNA bands (to create the genetic fingerprint), and (5) perform short tandem repeat (STR) analysis to create a unique genetic profile for the individual.

NEC puts DNA lab in a briefcase (for the man) ::: Pink Tentacle

世界初、個人*別用ポータブル型DNA 析装置を開発(2007年*9月25日): プレスリリース | NEC

now you can portably find out who your real dad is