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    Investors in offshore schools


    Does ayone know if companies or any investors in offshore medical schools regardless of location visit these sites. I wonder if these mega goups that are investing their money in any medical school know about these site. It seems that schools can't hardly hide anything for that long. Eventually their is always someone whom you least expect posting compromising facts.

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    probably depends on the level of investor.
    i talked w the head admin guy for my school today and he was only slightly aware of VMD (he knew of it, just not the number of ppl who actually go there & what they say). if that's an indicator, i doubt personal investors would know of it.
    however, large corps have research/development/forecast depts, and they must have a few braincells between em. eventhen, i doubt most of them would inster a mole to boost pep for their school as it's a dff dept, and in a corp, that would be R&D, and those kinds of corps probably wouldn't be investing.

    also, u gotto look at the number of ppl visiting vmd (&similar sites). there's not a lot of ppl that are starting next month that are members here, as no-one is told about these sites. some ppl do decide to look arund n leave, but those ppl would, via probibility, not glean al the info.

    hope that'd help stimulate thought & convo:-)

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