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    Accreditation in US?


    Hello, this may be an atypical type of question, but I would appreciate your assistance.

    I am reviewing a job applicant's CV for a research position, and this person has their MD from PUMS. Their CV states that PUMS (2002-2006) is a "Four year American accredited institution affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania" and that the 4-year program is "Taught exclusively in English with fourth year clinical clerkships in UCONN Health Center".

    Again, this person got their MD from PUMS in 2006 in the 4-year program. Was the program American accredited and affiliated with UPenn at that time? I can't find anything concrete about the PUMS accreditation online. I see references to being "recognized" in CA, and that PUMS is the top MD program in Poland, but some of the articles and postings point out that this only applies to the Polish-language MD program, not the English-language program.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I am not an expert on accreditation of foreign schools, in particular MD programs. That being said, a person that has attained the ECFMG Certificate has had their academic credentials evaluated and they have passed examinations equivalent to that of a US medical grad. That is likely the closest that they can come to being “accredited”. However, there are many foreign accreditation agencies in their respective country and jurisdiction that are recognized by the US DOE. Your particular department may have an established criteria for hiring that will need to be satisfied. An agency in Poland can determine whether a school in their country meets their standards for accreditation.

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