Hi everybody,

I am writing on behalf of my company, SuperMemo World publishing. We are based in Poznan and will soon celebrate our 20th anniversary on the market of language learning.

Currently we are working on a project that comprises a series of self-study books at the basic (A1) level in several Scandinavian languages. We are currently looking for the native speakers of Norwegian (both sexes) who would be interested in contributing to the project with their voice recordings. Some previous experience with this type of work would be welcome, but it isn't indispensable - a pleasant voice and good pronunciation will generally do :-)!

If this proposition sounds like something that you might be willing to become involved in, please contact me for further details at marta [dot] buszkiewicz [ a t ] supermemo [dot] pl or on Facebook (look for Marta Buszkiewicz, Poznan, Poland and check the company name). Thank you very much! Tusen takk!

Best regards,
Marta Buszkiewicz