Hello, I just started Senior year of advanced-high school in North America. After reading many previous threads I have an idea of what Polish-Med school is like. As an enthusiastic student I had a few questions about the school and particularly its 6 Year Med-Programme, would appreciate the help!

My current sciences are:
Class (Grade out of 4)

Biology 2.7 / 4
Chemistry 3 / 4
Physics 3.2 / 4
Molecular Biology 3.9 / 4
Genetics 3.8 / 4
Psychology 3 / 4 (TBD)
Adv - Biology 3 / 4 (TBD)

(1) Has there been anyone who has applied during the midst of their Senior year? I anticipate graduating from High School in June 2011, but wish to start in Fall of 2011 - Do people think this will be problematic?

- If so, how did your process go? - The requisite to apply is a High School Diploma...

(2) Most importantly, when does the application process commence? Does anyone have any idea when it might reopen for Fall 2011/12?

(3) What was your method of applying? Did you do the online application process? Or did you print out the documents and snail-mail them? (If another way how did you do it?)

(4) I have Medical Occupation Experience - Does that matter?

I would be utmost grateful if I could receive any information whatsoever that would be beneficial - Cheers!