I am an Indian living in Indonesia.
I have a few questions regarding studying at PUMS. I plan to attend the 6year MD program and also wish to write the USMLE.

1. I read that the adminstrative system isn't good and so students face a lot of issues. Despite this, would you suggest to attend the university or choose it only as a last option?

2. Regarding the USMLE preparations, does the uni provide any or is it purely self-study? Also, if the preparations are provided, are they exclusive to 4 year students or can 6 year students also attend those classes?

3. How is the teaching faculty? Are they supportive of you if you directly approach them?

4. How about the surroundings? Is life in Poznan really still and dull or it is fast?

5. Are we allowed to do the clinicals in other nations and will doing clinicals in the US have any benefit for USMLE?

Thanks in advance!!