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    Weather of Poland, may it be harmful for health?


    Hi guys,

    Because I am not in Poland I dont know how it feels. Because of a specific, high level of humidity problem in my home I had some joint pains and it came out to be rheumatism. The problem was temporary but its outcome turned out to be permanent. Now I use a drug for it, but still in rainy days I feel very slight pains.

    My concern is, whether the weather of Poland helps rheumatism advance more or not.

    I checked around some time ago and I saw two things:

    1) As Poland gets southern winds, the humidity drops steeply, and as it gets the winds from north the humidity gets high steeply this time, and its not related with the temperature :
    Krakow weather forecast, climate chart: temperature, humidity (average/minimum/maximum), widget

    2) The topography of Poland is so that, its totally a plain, almost a flat area down to the deep southern border; it only has some hights at southern side, which creates a barrier for southern, dry winds (how much a serious barrier? I cant see), while there is no topographic barrier for northern, humid winds:

    Now I wonder how you feel there. As long as there is no humidity, you dont feel the cold and hot that severely. But if its humid, you begin to freeze in cold temperatures. Also do you have any idea about wheather in Poland and rheumatism cases? Actually I am especially interested in Krakow, but all of the info, whatever you know, is appreciated.

    Thank you..
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