Hi there,

I'm looking to make contact with anyone either thinking about, or who's already applied, to a medical school in the EU (outside the UK and Ireland). Especially interested in anyone from the Midlands or East/South East region of the UK.

It's for a short film to be broadcast on British television later this year, which will look at the state of medical education in Britain, it's future in the short-term with regards to tuition costs.. and most importantly.. a comparison with it's EU counterparts.

We would wish to film participants in the UK either before they set off, or while they are back in the UK during a break, and once they are back on campus. This would require half a day of filming in each location and is flexible to fit in with student timetables etc. As a follow up, we would also like to keep in touch with the students and follow up with them.. once they start their first job as a doctor.

If you or someone you know, might wish to take part and wouldn't mind sharing their experiences about the application and acceptance phases.. or during any stage of the course itself.. please get in touch. Think of it as a blog on tv, which would ultimately be condensed to fit the time constraints of the medium, and air as one complete short film this year, and again, once the student doctor has started working.

You may send a 'private message' to me on this forum, where I can reply back with an office email and telephone contact details. Thank you.