I have heard a lot of things about Medical schools in poland some good other not so much. But coming from an ex communistic country myself I am not too afraid about it.

I was planning to do Medical degree in poland after i finish my bachelor degree next year at U of Toronto. I know it will take a big toll on my wallet and i;ll be more or less 100k in depth. The stakes are high and this is not a desition i would want to to with.
I am not interested in nothing specific in medicine, so i would like to be a family or general physician. But My biggest concern is that i won't be able to go back to Canada to acquire residency and be able to pratice here.

So i would like to know realisticly spiking how hard is it to get residency in a general medicine? What are the hurdles to obtain residency in Canada?

if i knew it was just a matter of passing a test i would be less afraid about it, because i know passing a test although not easy but if you put your mind in to it and study hard it can be done... But i am more afraid about needing previous Canadian experience in he field.. or something that would be very difficult to get...

If somebody who;s been thru this already or knows some insight about this residency process i would greatly apreciate your help.

Any input is welcome.