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    To all Canadians studying abroad...


    Did you complete your BSc degree before you left to study medicine abroad? The upside to doing this is that it takes you faster to finish studying.... are there are downsides to doing this?? will it be a problem when you return to canada?

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    hey man, i would say the upsides to having completed a bsc is that the material for the first couple of years wont come as such a shock to you. You can get a feel for the work load and the educational system, while having a foundation in the material. Your study habits should also help make your adjustment to a new country easier, and pretty much you would be one step ahead of all the students coming straight out of highschool. The down sides to this is time. I mean if it doesnt bother you than you are kinda repeating a couple years and adding around 2 years to your ultimate goal of becoming a doctor, then there are no downsides, but to some it may feel as their university education was kinda wasted.

    I personally have completed a BSC in canada, and have been accepted to study in hungary. I dont feel my previous education was a waste, rather than a preparation. Nothing but experience can prepare you for the calibur of school that is medicine, and if i were to think back to when i was fresh out of highschool, trying to apply to med school....no lie, i would straight fail out...which prolly accounts for such high fail rates in europe.

    hope this makes sense

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