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    Polish (incl. Warsaw, Lodz, Jag, Poznan etc.) MD program satisfaction survey


    Hi all,

    I have followed some of your threads and am new to this. I have a few questions that I think we could all benefit from, including potential students, transfer students, current students, program directors (if they read this) and others.

    I would like to get an informal survey going for those studying at Polish and Eastern European Universities completing English-language MDs (e.g., Warsaw, Lodz, Jagellonian, Posnan etc.). Given mixed posts, I developed this to get a more systematic overall perspective of students' satisfaction.

    Please answer these questions as honestly as you can otherwise the survey will be of little use. The more people that participate, the more likely we are to get a more accurate picture of people's experience.

    Of course, as with all non-scientific surveys the sample will be biased (and nobody should obviously base their decisions on this thing alone) but we can all try to get some very useful info out of it. Thanks!

    1. Identify
    a. your program (i.e., University, 4-year/6-year program, year of study, cost per annum, etc.)
    b. your nationality or where you hope to practice

    2. How are you finding the quality of instruction? [Rate 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent) and comment.]

    3. The English proficiency of your instructors [Rate 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent) and comment.]

    4. How would you rate the facilities and instructional material [Rate 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent) and comment.]

    5. What is the pass rate/drop out rate? Provide percentage (%)

    6. Does the program prepare you for exams (USMLE, Licensing exams)?
    Yes/No and comment

    7. How many weeks of clinical rotations do you receive in English-speaking countries (Answer in weeks)?

    8. How have you found your rotations in terms of quality of teaching and organization?
    [Rate 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent) and comment]

    9. How do you like living in your city? [Rate 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent)]

    10. Quality of accomodation? [Rate 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent) and comment]

    11. How much vacation time do you get per year? [Answer in weeks]

    12. How have you found keeping in touch with old friends, partners, parents, etc.? [Rate 1 (easy) to 7 (extremely difficult) and Comment]

    13. From the information you have gathered, what are your chances of returning to the country of origin and getting licensed/residency there?
    [Rate 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent) and comment]

    14. Any other comments related to your program? (optional)

    These are not easy questions but honest responses could be useful.

    Thanks for all those taking and reading this survey and best wishes for your studies! RSVP
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