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    kaplan physio (urea concentration?)


    hi guys
    would ya tell me for physio,,,,i have kaplan notes,,r they enough????

    i dont uderstand the concept of urea permeability acroSs cell memb and cappilry memb.??coz my friend got 1 question on it,but she didnt know the answer...
    they asked about how much urea will diffuse into cell if it already containd 15 mg??
    answer choices--25 mg,15 mg,..........???she said i choose 15 mg..

    now my question is---what could change the concenteration of urea in a cell? or it will remain same

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    urea diffuses into cell ..but doest participate in osmolarity.

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    urea is a permeable substance

    would you please write the question properly?I didn't answer the amount..part..Thanks

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