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    Carcinoma of the thyroid


    I intended to post this topic under pathology but I dont know how it got under physiology. Could you please place it under pathology thread. Thanks
    Associated with radiation to the head or neck.
    Genetic predisposition.
    Gross appearance:
    Firm nodule on the thyroid.
    1. Follicular 2. Papillary 3. Medullary 4. Anaplastic
    Follicular type:
    Small uniform, follicles filled with colloid.

    Metastasizes to lungand bone via
    hematogenous spread.
    Papillary type:
    Comprise 75-80% of cases.

    Papillae of cuboidal cells.

    Metastasizes to local lymph nodes.

    Orphan Annie nuclei.

    Psammoma bodies.

    Has a good prognosis.
    Medullary type:
    Derived from C cells.

    Nests of cells within amyloid deposits.

    Secretes calcitonin.

    Associated with MEN IIa and IIb.
    Anaplastic type:
    Small anaplastic cells.

    Pleomorphic giant cells.

    Spindle cells.

    Has poor prognosis.
    Clinical Manifestations:
    Nodule of mass in neck.
    Dysphagia (due to tumor mass compression)
    Hoarsness (due to local compression)
    Thyroidectomy or lobectomy.
    Radioactive thyroid treatment.
    Good luck in your studies.

    Last edited by qaiser; 02-11-2007 at 11:46 AM. Reason: Would like to place this post under Pathology not under physiology. Could you please help? Thanks

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