The basics so we dont do bad in the easy questions, and believe or not this basic stuff is what may separate you from passing or failing or having that couple of extra questions to get to a higher grade.

Ventilation = V
Pumonary blood flow= Q

So the V/Q ratio is 0.8 now you will say that How I will use this information for the test, well let me tell you guys how.

In my practice exams I have notice they give you a case and then they talk a lot of B*** S*** so you are like HHU? , and then they give you some values and you have to calculate wich one is related to the patient.
So if they said that the ptient is normal and you know 0.80 is normal so the numbers closest to this number is the correct one and right there from a question you went to a between 2 answers and SAVE a lot of time

Comments or sugestions or corrections or something else be welcome to post