Looking for a new physician job?

Some of the top questions one should consider when preparing for their new physician job interview

When looking for a new physician job, recruiters advise to be prepared to ask the right questions. Here are some common questions one should ask on their interview for a new job as a physician.
  • How long is the physician job contract for?

  • Types of stipulations included in terminating the physician job contract?

  • Does the physician job contract include a non compete clause?

  • Any incentives or bonuses included in the physician job contract?

  • Time off for Continuing Medical Education?

  • Will I be reimbursed for Continuing Medical Education?

  • How many weeks of paid vacation per year?

  • How much call (nights, weekends, holidays)?

  • Types of benefits? (401K, profit sharing, health insurance, laptop, cell phone)

  • Are there any options for buying into the medical practice?

  • Type of physician job performance evaluations and how often?

  • Are medical malpractice insurance premiums included?

  • Are relocation expenses included?
  • How much?
  • Type of facilities in the medical practice? (assigned nurses, medical lab techs, secretary, transcriptions)

  • Types of medical procedures performed?

  • Average number of new patients seen per year?

  • The number of patient rooms?

  • What are the hours like for physicians in this medical practice?

  • What percentage of time typically is spent on paperwork vs seeing patients?

  • What is the accounts receivable status of the medical practice?
  • What is the average payment type and ratio? (Medicaid/care vs insurance plans)

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