Hello friends!

There is an excellent ONLINE review of all the Pharmacology for the USMLE Step 1. They offer 32 contact hours (4 consecutive days) where all lectures are presented in live with the professor and USMLE-type practice questions are offered. The professor covers all the pharmacology book (40 chapters!!) in four days!! The professor also offers the course in English or Spanish version depending on your needs!

The students can register in the complete course or on individual topics of 4 hours depending on your needs. They are cheap. It is the best online course ever!

This is the facebook address (click like on the page!): Advanced Pharmacology: Online Review for USMLE. This is the address to register on the review: advancedpharmacologypr.blogspot.com. You will find this link in the facebook page. Apply now because the review will start on July 7!!