Here are some more I'm having trouble with.
I'd appreciate your help:

Q1. Of the following infants, all weighing 1500g at birth, which would have the greatest chance of survival?

a. one born at 38 weeks
b. one born at 34 weeks
c. one born at 28 weeks
d. one born at 24 weeks
e. one born at 20 weeks

(must be a tricky question: I'm thinking answer is a), but it's too obvious...)

Q2. Of the following group of infants, which has the highest anticipated mortality rate?

a. term and large for gestational age
b. term and normal size for gestational age
c. postterm and large for gestational age
d. postterm and small for gestational age
e. postterm and normal size for gest. age

Q3. Infants weighing less than 2500 g at birth are:

a. always premature
b. usually, but not always premature
c. rarely premature
d. indistinguishable from premature infants
e. premature by definition