You have a 30 year old male patient that has a history of diarrhea,weakness and abdominal pain.
The patient also tells you that he has been having some back pain and some blood in his urine.
The CBC comes with 10 of hemoglobin and 120 MCV
urine test comes with oxalate crystals and RBC

You go crazy and do not perform any feces test and go directly to do a colonoscopy and you find that the patient hs skip lesions and the biopsy tells you granulomas are present.

you treat the patient and and now he is OK and happy.
One year later he comes back with his wife because they are trying to get another child, they already have 3 children together, and the wife has all test normal
What is the mechanism of action of the drug giving you this side effect?

I will give you a hint
It gives you reversible infertility in men

No options what is the drug and the MOA(mechanism of action)