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    Revise female genital patho with me.



    Benign, HPV 6and 11, wart like lesion,micro:koilocytosis,acanthosis,parakeratosis ,hyperkeratosis.

    2. Papillary Hydradenoma:
    Benign, arise from the apocrine sweat glands along the milk line, micro: like intraductal papilloma of the breast.

    3. Paget disease of vulva:
    Malignant, erythematous crusted rash in the labia majora, micro: like paget disease of the breast.


    1. Vaginal adenosis:
    Benign,occurs in female fetuses of ladies who took DES during pregnancy, micro: mucosal columnar lined epithelial crypts in areas suposed to be lined by stratified sq epithelium, Can lead to Clear cell adenocarcinoma[malignant].

    2. Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma[sarcoma botyroides]:
    malignant, occurs in children <4 yrs,grape like polypoid mass protrudes from the vulva, micro:spindle shaped cells, "Cambium Layer"[tendency of the cells to grow beneath the vaginal epithelium, Desmin +ve.
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