IUON STUDENTS WIN ... University to provide loans for studies

Monday September 05 2005

Corliss Smithen

Six students at the International University of Nursing (IUON) have been allowed to continue their training at the nursing school.

This was conveyed in a press release issued last Friday by a top official of the university.

“Warren Ross, president of the International University of Nursing is pleased to announce that the university has resolved the issues raised by the six Jamaican students. While not legally obliged to do so and entirely ex gratia, the university will provide loans to the students on agreed terms and conditions to defray their tuition and living expenses for the second and third semesters of study in St. Kitts so long as they continue to maintain satisfactory academic standing at the International University of Nursing,” the statement read.

The Jamaicans were lobbying to stay to complete their nursing degrees after they were informed in a letter from the school that they had been provided with one-way tickets to return home at the end of the first semester.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Robert Ross explained that the university made that decision because the students were unable to pay for their second and third semesters.

The nursing students said, however, that they came to the island on the premise that a private loan would be available to them for the three semesters. The private loan, they added, would have been granted by Dr. Ross, requiring that they make a deposit of US$3,000 and sign a promissory note that is legally binding in New York.

Ross refuted that claim and made it clear that his loan was applicable only for the first semester and not for the duration of the programme.

The students were given until 26 Aug., to leave the island, but they remained adamant that they were not leaving without their nursing degrees.

The students said they were pleased and relieved at the university’s decision and stated that they got what they fought for.