Recent negative articles on Carib schools

The St. Petersburg Times Newspaper has published two recent negative articles about Caribbean Medical Schools.

The first one targeted Ross University School of Medicine and the second one focused on Windsor University School of Medicine.

However, the implications made by the author in both articles are that the negative issues can generally be applied to all offshore medical schools. Which medical school will this seemingly anti-IMG writer target next?

As can be expected, these stories stirred up quite a bit of controversy on ValueMD. You can participate in the ongoing discussions by clicking on the following links:

Featured article
St. George’s Enrolment Dean Advises Students to Carefully Research Schools

Margaret A. Lambert

Every year, thousands of would-be doctors consider Caribbean medical schools to undertake their professional training. But though there are scores of schools in the region, most with fairly polished websites and marketing campaigns, a cry of Caveat Emptor is increasingly heard throughout the halls of academe and in the offices of the US Department of Education.

We spoke to Margaret A. Lambert, Dean of Enrolment Planning of St. George’s University, and the longest-serving admissions officer of any of the Caribbean institutions, to ask her how a potential student can properly evaluate a school before investing tens of thousands of dollars in tuition or years of time.

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