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    coming to the island - not married and with pet


    Hello! I've done a bit of searching and found a few answers but am hoping to find out some specifics and hear from people with personal experience.

    I'm planning on coming for Sept 2011 pre-med and will be bringing my boyfriend and cat. I know both of these things are possible. What I'm wondering is how you brought your boyfriend or girlfriend down without marrying? If we need to, we will marry just to make the immigration process easier but we are really hoping to avoid it. He would like to work (if possible, part time, under the table, whatever he can find) but we're not sure what the best option for us would be regarding visas. Is there any way for him to come with my student visa without being married? Or if he gets a tourist visa independently will we still be able to live together and him be able to maybe work?

    Also, has anyone here personally brought down their cat? I have found lots of info about the process, I'm just wondering if anyone who has done it has any tips? My cat is a bit anxious, did you have any troubles with them being noisy on the plane? Are cat supplies readily available on the island?

    Sorry for the long post! Any help is appreciated! Looking forward to meeting everyone down there
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