Hi guys, I am thinking about applying to the premed program for January 2011 semester. But I just read on this website that the school (and ed-invest) don't give loans to premeds. So I am not sure what's the alternative. Can someone please advice me on that?
Also, I have a BSc degree and I have done most of the basic science courses... e.g. chemistry, physics, bio, genetics, but the thing is that I got Cs in most of these classes and I took most of these classes back in 2004/2005. So I'm pretty much in the same boat as students who don't have a solid science background... Plus, I haven't taken Organic Chemistry. Taking the premed route will hopefully prepare me well for med school.
I am not sure if I should take organic chem 1 and 2 and then apply to Med1 or should I take premed in MUA? One good thing about this program is that admission is guaranteed if you have a 3.0 or above. However, if I take Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, the admission to a med school is still not guaranteed. My undergrad gpa is not that great... it's 2.8, and lower than that in sciences.