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    Can you do all your rotations in one place?


    Hello everyone.

    As a prospective student I wanted to know a bit more about the schools rotations. I understand that they are all ACGME approved.

    Is it possible for students to do all of their clinical placements in one place/city?

    Is there a significant wait time before the student can start rotations?

    Are students assigned rotations or does the administration work with the student to obtain rotations according to student preference?

    Thank you!

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    i dont know how rotations are assigned these days because i graduated a while back ago. back then, the administration took care of setting up the core rotations and i took care of electives. what i'd like to mention though is for you to consider doing rotations at multiple places.

    i've had friends who stay in one place for their entire clinical experience and loved it and did great. but i wanted to share my experience. i went state-hopping. i did it purposefully for three reasons :

    1. being flexible with where you go decreases the amount of wait-time to get rotations
    2. get my foot in the door into programs that i would apply to in the future.
    3. to see where i could or could not live for 3 years during residency

    like my friends, i also had a blast and did pretty well !
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