hello guys

i will be applying to mua soon and hoping to get into Jan 2011 semester. but i am really curious and want to find out what is the timeline from starting medical school and till the end of the clinicals. i mean, how much time does it usually take to complete all of it. i have seen so many caribbean med school sites and all of them says you will complete your MD in 3 and a half years. but i am not sure if that is true. how long do we study for step 1 and 2. how long does a average person like me need to study and take step 1 and 2 and then apply for residency. i am just trying to figure out my timeline.
when do we apply for residency and when does residency begins.
please many of you, are going through it and many of you are done.
i would really appreciate if anyone can help me out.