Hey guys. I'm only starting the MUA premed program this September, but would appreciate if you could answer a question that's been annoying me for a while now.

Let's say you want to do a residency, like Anesthesiology or Neurology, that require a 1 year "preliminary" pgy-1 year in Internal Medicine or whatever. Let's also assume that the place you do your pgy-1 year is different from the place you will do your pgy2-pgy4.

Do you simply apply for an Internal Medicine residency, apply ~October when you're doing that residency, finish it up, then leave that residency and start Neurology pgy2-pgy4. Or is that pgy-1 residency a separate residency you need, and isn't just doing the first year of Internal Medicine?

Sorry for the confusing wording, but it's a confusing question. To me anyway. Thanks for any help