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    Want your own space?


    [B]Single furnished apartment available. Internet, Gas and water included. Gated gardens. On University housing list- $500 USD

    Or would you prefer to share with a friend? Travelling with family? Apartment with Two bedrooms, Two bathrooms also available. Apartments are located in St James Parish. - $750 USD

    869-469-8740/ 869-765-7226
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    If this is a post for the White House on Rumours Road. DO NOT rent here!!!! Horrible experience!
    1. She offers only 6 month leases (you don't find that out till your on the island), and also means you have to move out mid semester during blocks.
    2. Rumours Bar is down the road, try studying/sleeping with blazing music till 2-3am in the morning.
    3. She has maliciously kept $1000 of security deposit from a couple of Med 1s.
    4. Ask around, alot of profs and students don't recommend this place.
    5. Check Facebook (I think 2010 or 2011 mua group) for what many students have said about this place.
    6. She was taken off the housing list for MUA after many students complained, but after our class graduated somehow she is back on there.

    The 6 month lease is on purpose because she knows most students will resign, rather then risk failing their blocks. Since the lease will end in the middle of the semester, most of the decent living places will also already be taken. The last thing you want is to worry about is having a place to live, when your blocks are coming up, and have to be tied down to another 6 months lease in this horrible place.

    There are numerous places to rent on the island that are cheaper, nicer, bigger, and have landlords which are willing to accommodate the students better. MUA is a great school and provided me all the tools needed to succeed. I'm going to try to post this every semester, and hopefully the new recruits learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

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