I'm a MED5 student leaving the island in december, I'm basically looking to sell the scooter what I bought it for. I bought and shipped the scooter to the island from the U.S., so the new owner doesnt have to worry about shipping costs, taxes, the crazy nevis tax for bringing things into the island(which all together almost cost as much as what I paid for the scooter alone). The scooter takes 12EC ($4.50 US) to fill and a full tank for me lasts approx 2 weeks( i live a good distance from the school and go daily). It has been by for the best thing I have brought to the island. It runs great, for the 18 months I've been here I have put 4,000 miles on it, has regular oil changes, its always been garaged or covered. The purchase includes: spare tire, tire repair kit, scooter cover, HELMET(required on island), rain ponchos, tire boot, alarm system. i'D SAY EMAIL ME AND CHECK OUT PICS OF THE SCOOTER, BUT I DONT HAVE ENOUGH POSTS TO ADD EMAIL ADDRESS OR PICS IN MY POST, SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED REPLY BACK ON THIS THREAD AND I CAN EXPLAIN MORE DETAILS ON HOW YOU CAN SEE THE SCOOTER OR CONTACT ME. THANKS