if you're starting in may 2012 and looking to avoid having to ship essentials that don't fit in your suitcase:

french press 30 ec (coffeemaker for fancy people, you can be fancy too)
pink resistance band 20 ec (support breast cancer)
guyton human physio. THE physio textbook. 50 ec
ross histo. good if you don't have a histo background. 40 ec.
clinical neuroanatomy 20 ec.
alarm clock that takes batteries, due to frequent power outages 5 ec
lapdesk. you WILL use this. 15 ec
nonstick frying pan 10 ec
set of small plates and a bowl 15 ec
set of starfrit lock n lock tupperware - 5 pieces 20 ec. these are COMPLETELY leak proof.
travel size blender, lightly used 80 ec
immersion blender, for soups 20 ec
colander 5 ec
+cheese grater/vegetable peeler/potato masher/small cutting board 10 ec altogether
i also have a pretty good spice collection. each bottle costs around 5 ec at the supermarket here. i'll sell the whole collection for 20 ec.

i will give you a discount if you take a great deal of this off my hands. all prices are negotiable. PM me and we can work something out