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    Urgent: Help for Personal Statement! (Need to Submit Soon)


    I am trying to apply to MUA's premed program, but I'm posting this under here because it looks like there are more veiwers, and I'm pretty sure there will be more already admitted students on here that have applied successfully.

    I am applying to premed with a shockingly low gpa (actually I've read through every single post on here and have yet to seen a post cointaining a gpa as low as mine). My gpa is a 1.8 . My grades were in fact higher in first year then my third year of studies, and the reason I didn't improve was because of a combination of working full time, going overload on extra-curricular activities and just plain depression, immaturity and not wanting to face the problem because of utter shame, embarrasment and sadness.

    I know I can excel and I have the smarts to do so, I just need a fresh start and the opportunity to prove myself. I hope you guys have the kindness and good will to offer me your help and honesty.

    I need some help with my personal statement, my problems writing this mostly stems from my extremely low gpa. Can I get any advice on how I can tackle this beast?
    I appreciate all your help!
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